Further Persons Imperfect: Reviews

“This is a collection the whole family can relate to—crazy uncle and rebellious teenage cousin included. Written by authors ranging from 20somethings to senior citizens, the anthology is at once cleverly wrought and daringly unpretentious, with clearly written prose, action to draw the reader in, and generous helpings of character development.”
UR Chicago

“Short stories are perfect for people without huge chunks of free time on their hands, and [this book] takes a unique approach. What I enjoyed most was the diversity of stories: the main characters vary in age, the geographic and historic settings varies, the style of writing varies. And you can find a story here for any and every mood.”
Northwestern University Lantern

“As with the earlier First Person Imperfect, Paul McComas has struck gold.  Inventive and independent of mind—like their mentor—his students depict the world uniquely and quirkily in this highly meritorious graduation volume.”
Tim Brown, author of Deconstruction Acres and Left of the Loop

“Paul McComas has put together a remarkable book. There is not a weak story: each is strong and emotionally real, with genuine impact; each displays the author’s total absorption in his or her first-person narrator. This writing is equal to that found in any of the 25 anthologies I have edited, and it holds its own with any piece of fiction being printed today. Amazing!”
William F. Nolan, award-winning author of Logan’s Run

“Paul McComas’ fruitful fiction-writing workshop has produced stories whose richness of content and themes reflects the diverse backgrounds of the writers themselves. [These authors] have a lot of life experience and many insightful things to say.”
Pioneer Press, Suburban Chicago (Evanston Review and Wilmette Life)