12th-Anniversary Tour for Unplugged Un-derway

Call it the “Law of Dozens”: Talented Chicago singer-songwriter/musician Maya Kuper joins Paul for 12 nationwide performances of a program of 12 scenes and songs from Paul’s critically acclaimed novel Unplugged throughout the book’s 12th-anniversary year (2014), raising funds and awareness for RAINN.

Info: Unplugged 2014 Program
Photo by Nina D’Angier. Click here for the big picture.
More about the tour, charity CD, and the book that started it all

Author photos: 1998, 2002, 2008, 2011

Author photos: 1998 & 2002 (Chris Kozlowski), 2008 (Neal Katz), 2011 (Wendy Santeliz)


What do I mean by “Reader-friendly fiction — smart, with heart”?

Dip into my work, and you’ll see. I write with one foot each in mainstream and literary fiction — along with the occasional elbow poking into genre. The resulting narratives — be they novels, short stories, films, or play scripts — are (I hope) immediately accessible, comprehensible, and engaging. . .yet they also reward “second looks” with new, unforeseen layers. My work is character-based and -driven; passionate and energetic; literate, yet inviting; and challenging, yes — but less in its language than in its ideas.

Narrative is how I make sense of the world — and try to make it better. Fiction is my faith, my religion: I live to write, and I write to live.

Please join me. . .