Unforgettable: Synopsis

Unforgettable: Harrowing Futures, Horrors, & (Dark) Humor


Unforgettable book cover
Published 02/2011 by Walkabout Publishing 2nd Edition: 06/2011 Trade paperback, 5-1/2"x8-1/2", 490 pp. Retail: $29.99 (On sale through this website) ISBN 9781456566401

From aliens to zombies, prehistoric monsters to monstrously conceived tomorrows, here are Paul McComas’ 50 best horror, speculative-fiction, and dark-comic works, most never before published. You’ll encounter “Nessie” and nuclear apocalypse, voodoo and vampires, androids and ax murderers, death curses and dystopias, soul-craving corporations and “Collies in Space,” plus ice worlds and werewolves and eels, oh my!

Ingenious, heartfelt, and entertaining, these stories function as pithy political parables and scathing socio-cultural critique as well. Unforgettable is the thinking person’s, the feeling person’s, and the snickering person’s “genre book”—not to mention an eclectic, audacious, ever-surprising celebration of the human imagination.

Author Paul McComas
Photo by Wendy Santeliz

Framing the collection’s lengthy collaborative section “Two Heads Are Better” is a pair of sneak-preview excerpts from the upcoming novel Logan’s Journey—the first Logan book since 1980—co-written with William F. Nolan, author of the science fiction classic Logan’s Run.

Unforgettable includes a Foreword by esteemed genre scholar Eric Greene, author of “Planet of the Apes” as American Myth: Race, Politics, and Popular Culture, plus a series of full-page illustrations by various artists who bring their own visions to McComas’ surreal sensibility.