Catch Unplugged Live on Tour: A Theatrical
Rock Show to Combat Rape and Despair

Paul’s novel Unplugged was a critics’ darling at its 2002 release — and its story of depression, recovery and self-reinvention remains as relevant as ever today. Throughout the book’s 12th-anniversary year, Chicago singer-songwriter Maya Kuper joins Paul for 12 nationwide performances of 12 scenes and songs from Unplugged, raising funds and awareness for RAINN.

More about the tour, charity CD, and the book that started it all
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Photo by Nina D’Angier. Click here for the big picture.

Author photos: 1998, 2002, 2008, 2011
Author photos: 1998 & 2002 (Chris Kozlowski), 2008 (Neal Katz), 2011 (Wendy Santeliz)

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Dip into my work, and you’ll see. I write with one foot each in mainstream and literary fiction — along with the occasional elbow poking into genre. The resulting narratives — be they novels, short stories, films, or play scripts — are (I hope) immediately accessible, comprehensible, and engaging. . .yet they also reward “second looks” with new, unforeseen layers. My work is character-based and -driven; passionate and energetic; literate, yet inviting; and challenging, yes — but less in its language than in its ideas.

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